Why Choose GlobalConnect®?

We are committed to providing the freshest food, paired with the leading employee benefit programs and best support in the industry.

Our international network of affiliates enables us to deliver a wide range of fresh food markets, vending, corporate dining and office coffee services to your locations consistently—whether your enterprise is in 2 states or 200 locations across the globe.

We are continuously improving our services, food products and processes, and through our investment in technology and partnerships with suppliers, we are driving improvements throughout the entire industry. From our client advisory groups to our leadership teams, we stay on top of the latest trends and ensure that our clients enjoy the best and most popular products and conveniences. We also go to great lengths to provide customization opportunities for our clients at every level, while also keeping costs low.

Our loyalty rewards program, which works globally through our mobile apps, means that employees of our clients can enjoy their benefits wherever they are in the world.

Our commitment to our clients includes helping their associates make healthy choices. Our health and wellness program, The Right Choice...for a Healthier You®, led by our staff dietitian, provides a multi-faceted approach to educating associates about leading healthier lives through healthy nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices.