Bistro To Go!® Markets

Our self-checkout markets are fully customizable, featuring fresh, healthy foods, snacks, beverages, and convenience items at work. If that isn't convenient enough, enjoy instant promotions and payments with our USConnectMe and CAConnectMe mobile apps!


prefer having a wide range of on-site food options which includes fresh prepared foods.

In companies without dining services,


of associates report they would stay on-campus if a Micro Market were available for meal options.

Bistro To Go!®

GlobalConnect's Bistro To Go! markets are a popular option for meals on the job, and for work-place refreshment services. Why? Because they are convenient, inviting, and self-serve—enabling employees to satisfy their hunger quickly without roaming off-site. 

Fully customizable to fit your company’s space, tastes, and resources, Bistro to Go! markets are carefully fitted to blend into your existing architecture. What types of products would you find in a market? It's really up to you! Markets can feature a satisfying array of high-quality, fresh foods, upscale coffee and beverage stations, and a wide variety of snacks, along with convenience items.

We design menus based on employee preferences and our experience; then, through regular surveys, we can easily adjust the menu to suit your employees’ desires. In addition, we rotate food item selections on a regular basis in clean, well-stocked displays to keep employees excited about your Bistro To Go! market.